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They have issued their manifesto criticizing Trump without naming him

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors on Pixabay

While we are on the topic of all the things that are wrong with the Republican Party, let’s talk about the rogue party members that are threatening to leave and start their own party.

The breakaway faction released their eagerly awaited letter as promised on May 13. And it said . . . not much. You can read it here. They are still threatening to start their own party but haven’t set preconditions for their departure or a date.

“Our nation’s future should not be dictated by a single person but by principles that bind us together. That’s why we…


Her out of control behavior has been normalized by party leadership

Photo by Aubrey Hicks on Unsplash

Everybody’s favorite Bad Girl, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has managed to get herself into hot water both in Washington and back home in Georgia.

Greene, you might remember, came to Washington spouting QAnon conspiracy theories. She claimed that 9/11 was a hoax because there are no photos of a plane hitting the Pentagon. I guess she never saw the video of the plane hitting the Pentagon.

She also believed that the Parkland and Sandy Hook school shootings were staged. …


The lease that ends on May 14 has been renewed so that Cyber Ninjas can continue counting ballots

Image by elliskj on Pixabay

The saga continues! Remember when I was dying to know what was going to happen on May 14 when the Cyber Ninjas’ lease on the Coliseum ran out and local high schools were going to use it for graduations? And the State Fair Board refused to renew the lease for after the graduations?

Looks like they backed down. The Arizona Senate Republicans who hired Cyber Ninjas to conduct the audit that is really a recount of the votes cast in Maricopa County in November 2020, signed a lease on Wednesday, May 12 that will allow Cyber Ninjas to suspend their…


Republicans are on track to lose the midterm elections

Image by mohamed_hassan on Pixabay

Liz Cheney has been purged from the Republican House leadership because she had the audacity to refuse to bow down to Trump. She’s not the first Republican to reject membership in the Trump cult and she won’t be the last.

I think what the rest of us are wondering is why the Republican Party remains so loyal to a one term, twice impeached ex-president living in exile and ranting on his own website because he has been banned from social media.

Have you seen his ratings lately?


Cyber Ninjas has found a way to access voter information without having to do a canvas

Image by LoboStudioHamburg on Pixabay

In the latest installment of the ongoing saga of the audit of the ballots cast in Maricopa County, Arizona in the November election, Cyber Ninjas, the firm with no election experience who is conducting the audit, has demanded access to the state government internet routers and passwords.

The Arizona state Senate which is controlled by Republicans and hired Cyber Ninjas to do the audit, has issued a subpoena on their behalf for the routers and passwords.

I’m not going to bore you with detailed explanations of how routers and password authorities work. I could because I used to work with…


USAID is supporting a group which is working to overthrow the Mexican government

Photo by Jorge Aguilar on Unsplash

Vice President Harris held a virtual meeting with Mexican President López Obrador on Friday, May 7 ahead of her planned trip to Guatemala on June 7 and Mexico on June 8. They discussed immigration, of course, as well as the pandemic, trade and border security.

Harris tweeted later on Friday,

“We agreed to work together to establish a strategic partnership to address root causes of migration, spur economic development, and expand security cooperation.”

López Obrador was very complimentary about Harris, commending Biden for appointing her to the role of finding the root causes of illegal immigration. …


Cyber Ninjas pinky swears that it will not intimidate or mislead voters

Image by mohamed_hassan on Pixabay

I am a big girl and I can admit when I am wrong. I was wrong when I wrote that the firm, Cyber Ninjas, that was hired by the State Republican senators of Arizona to do a recount of the votes cast in Maricopa County, planned to canvas voters by phone.

Because who could imagine that anyone would go door to door asking voters about their votes in the November election? It’s millions of votes. Phone calls are easier and faster.

I was wrong. The plan was to go door to door to question voters about their voter registration status…


The Republican Party no longer exists as an independent political party

Image by TheDigitalArtist on Pixabay

I remain fascinated by the dissolution of the Republican Party. It no longer has an ideology or even any policies. All that matters is loyalty to Trump, a disgraced, twice impeached former president who is living in exile in private clubs in Florida and New Jersey. He has had to start his own social media platform because he has been banned from existing social media.

And yet, his strange hold over the Republican Party remains as firm as ever, maybe even more firm. …


The Justice department is accusing Cyber Ninjas of voter intimidation and illegal seizure of ballots

Image by madartzgraphics on Pixabay

Remember when I said that the crazy in Trump World got turned a up a few notches? I didn’t think it was possible, but it has been turned up a few more notches.

The US Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division has sent a letter to Karen Fann, the president of the GOP Senate in Arizona, alleging that the audit of the 2020 votes in Maricopa County violates several Federal election laws.

“We have a concern that Maricopa County election records, which are required by federal law to be retained and preserved, are no longer under the ultimate control of elections…


Biden seems to given her very little to do

Image by OwlishArts on Pixabay

Hey, has anyone seen Kamala Harris lately? You know, the Vice President? She seems to be doing a “Mike Pence”, getting all spectral and shit. I’ve seen her standing in the background of a few photos featuring Biden as the headliner. And, of course, she was sitting in the Big Girl chair at Biden’s address to Congress.

Other than that, she doesn’t really seem to have a lot to do. The Republicans have been making a big deal about the fact that she hasn’t visited the border to inspect the crisis there despite being in charge of the immigration mess.

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