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Only a Trumpist would found a PAC aimed against people like himself

Sometimes, but only sometimes, I wish this whole fiasco of a Trump era never ends. The monumental stupidity of his followers is a never-ending source of amusement. Case in point, the new PAC Save Our Sunshine State (SOSS), based naturally in Florida.

This is a conservative PAC (no surprise there) that was organized to register conservative voters and encourage them to vote in the 2022 midterms.

What the PAC is trying to save Florida from are the teeming hordes of people moving to the state from liberal bastions in the Northeast full of cities that are unaffordable, unsafe and unfree.


Mo Brooks thinks his incendiary speech at the Jan 6 rally was part of his official duties

While we have all been riveted by the testimony in front of the House select committee investigating the January 6 insurrection, another related drama is also being played out at the same time.

Rep. Erich Swalwell (D-CA) filed a lawsuit last March against Trump, Don Jr., Rudy Giuliani and Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) alleging that they incited a riot and violated Federal law by conspiring to prevent a person from holding office or performing official duties.

In plain English, he is accusing them of making speeches at the January 6 rally that led the attendees to believe that they were…


Trump is endorsing candidates based on loyalty, not electability

If you have read anything that I’ve written lately, you know that I have been stressing about the midterm elections. Traditionally, the party holding the White House loses big in the midterms.

This time around, we also have to worry about the census results moving seats from blue to red states and Republican dominated state legislatures gerrymandering to an absurd degree while passing voter suppression laws that make it more difficult for POC to vote.

But it turns out that I’m not the only one losing sleep at night. …


They want to look into the security failures of that day

So when we last peeked into the venerable halls of Congress, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had vetoed two Republican candidates for her select committee for having not only voted against certifying the election, but also for publicly supporting the Big Lie that the election was stolen from Trump.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, in a striking display of mature wisdom, retaliated by pulling all five of his chosen candidates from the committee, effectively gathering up his marbles and heading home.

Pelosi, not to be outdone, upped the ante on Sunday by appointing another Republican, Adam Kinzinger, an outspoken Trump critic…


Minority Leader McCarthy is under pressure to get rid of her

I don’t know about you, but I miss the good old days of “No-Drama Obama.” After the three-ring circus of the Trump administration, I thought for sure that the country would get a respite while Biden tackled serious issues like the pandemic , vaccines, healing fractured relationships with our allies, working on climate change and infrastructure, you know, presidential stuff.

Alas, no. While everyone else is desperately trying to ignore the frantic efforts of former ringmaster Trump to cling to power, the Republicans have apparently absorbed some of the less desirable lessons in governance from the Trump circus.

The Freedom…


It is paying for his personal expenses instead

You can file this one under “So what else is new?” Trump’s leadership PAC, Save America, was formed last year supposedly to fund his challenges to the 2020 election. It raised $75 million.

Would you be surprised to learn that not a single penny has been spent on any of the ongoing election audits? That the only monies disbursed went to pay Trump’s legal fees, travel expenses and staff?

So what else is new?

The never-ending Arizona audit is being paid for by taxpayer dollars and private donations. Private donations that don’t include donations from Trump’s PAC.

There is an…


Both had voted against certifying the 2020 election

The political world is in a lather over Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to reject two of Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s picks for the select committee investigating the January 6 insurrection.

I don’t understand why her decision is so controversial. She is doing exactly what she said she would do — block any Republicans from serving on the committee who refused to certify the election.

I hope you are sitting down for this. I actually agree with her.

Bet you thought that you would never see the day that I agreed with anything that Pelosi said or did. …


She is holding senate hearings in states that are trying to restrict voting

Amy Klobuchar, who was my choice instead of Biden in the Democratic primaries in 2020, has apparently started her next run for the presidency. She is the chairwoman of the Senate Rules Committee, a normally quiet, staid committee that doles out senate office space and oversees foodservice and the day-to-day business of the Senate.

Sounds boring, right?

Well, the Rules Committee also oversees “federal elections generally, including the election of the president, vice president and members of the Congress.”

Senator Klobuchar is using those responsibilities to leap into the fray over voting rights. And not only is she having the…


I hope the Democrats are paying attention

Hey, remember that article I wrote about the conspiracy theory that Biden is a figurehead and VP Harris is actually in charge? And Trafalgar Group did a poll that showed that 56.4% of Americans think that Biden is not running the government?

Well, Trafalgar Group did a follow-up poll about Harris’ preparedness for the presidency.

You’ll never guess what they found.

58.6% of those surveyed said that Harris is not ready to be president “based on her performance as vice president.”

Only 36.4% responded that they were “very confident,” “somewhat confident,” or “not sure” how confident they were about Harris’s…


He doesn’t understand why it was not held at his Scottish golf club

Trump is peeved that the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, which organizes the British Open, decided against holding any of its games at Turnberry, Trump’s Scottish golf club, for the foreseeable future.

This is the statement that they issued in the wake of the January 6 insurrection:

“We had no plans to stage any of our championships at Turnberry and will not do so in the foreseeable future. …

Caren White

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