Biden Needs to Rethink His Campaign Strategy

Caren White
2 min readAug 3, 2020
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I’m worried about Joe Biden. He has either lost touch with reality or he is getting very bad advice. Every day he issues a “statement” outlining his position on a particular issue which is fine for a normal election. Candidates want to make their positions clear to voters. They want to compare and contrast themselves with their opponent.

The 2020 presidential election is not a normal election by any stretch of the imagination. Trump is making nakedly fascist moves to take control of the country and remain in power.

He has sent Federal troops to Portland and plans to send more to Chicago and other cities with Democratic mayors. Clearly unconstitutional.

Biden’s response? A short one paragraph statement talking about the need for a president who unites the country instead of sowing division.

Yes, we know that. What we need even more is a presidential candidate who will clearly call out Trump and his unconstitutional moves. Who will openly say that the Federal troops will be withdrawn on Day One of his presidency, never to be deployed again in any city unless the mayor or governor requests them.

That is how you compare and contrast yourself to Donald Trump in 2020.

Now Trump is talking about delaying the election. Another unconstitutional action.

Biden’s response? (crickets)

Trump insists that voting by mail, a safer option during a pandemic, is open to fraud and foreign interference. He has threatened to sue the state of Nevada because the governor wants to mail ballots to voters for the November election. Trump knows that he cannot win Nevada and most likely the election if every registered voter is able to cast a vote.

Biden’s response? Actually, the response came from Obama during his eulogy for John Lewis. I understand that presidential candidates often prefer using surrogates to address certain issues and Obama is one hell of a surrogate, but in this case we need to hear from the big man himself, Joe Biden. We need to hear that he believes that voting by mail is safe and secure and the best option to keep everyone healthy during a pandemic.

That is how you compare and contrast yourself to Donald Trump in 2020.

Biden needs to rethink his campaign strategy. He needs to throw out the usual election playbook and start playing hardball. Trump is a bully. If you don’t stand up to a bully, you are perceived as weak. Trump’s behavior will only grow more outrageous if Biden does not stand up to him.

Biden needs to stand up to Trump not just to show strength, but also to show the electorate that he has what it takes to beat Trump and then drag the country, kicking and screaming, back to normalcy and decorum.



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