I have to (respectfully) disagree. The divisions in the US are not new. They have been festering for centuries. It's only since Trump gave billionaires and racists of all economic levels permission to come out into the open that we are experiencing the hate and division that we are seeing today.

It is imperative that Trump be removed from office so that the country can get back to the long hard road that we had been on, of slowly erasing the inequalities that have existed for most of our history.

We are actually much less divided and experiencing much less inequality than in the past. I am a Baby Boomer and the changes for the better in society that I have witnessed over my lifetime are incredible: civil rghts, women's rights, gay rights, and disability rights.

We still have a long way to go. Hopefully Trump is just a bump in the road and we can get back to the important work of making this country a more equal place for everyone.

Top Writer in Politics and Government. I always speak my mind.

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