I remember the Nixon pardon. It was controversial at the time. It seemed like the entire country was against it and it’s why Ford lost to Carter. He paid a terrible price for that decision. It ended his career. It was only in hindsight that we realized it was the right thing to do. Ford is now lauded for that pardon.

Trump is entirely different. His crimes were more terrible as you pointed out. But you also have to take into account that 73 million people voted for him. That’almost half the country. Federal prosecution of Trump would tear the country apart. I don’t think that he should be pardoned, but I also think that he shouldn’t be prosecuted.

Don’t worry. New York is licking its chops waiting for January 20 when Trump will no longer have the protection of the presidency. The charges are ready just waiting to be filed. Trump will spend the rest of his life in court or in jail. He will be stripped of his assets and what little dignity he has left. I’m going to enjoy watching him go down.

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