I’m very concerned about the hatred being expressed towards Trump supporters. This is my response to someone who has cut all Trump supporters out of their life and urged me to do the same.

Your response tells me that Trump may have lost the election but he won the war. His whole platform was about dividing the nation; getting Americans to hate each other and fight amongst themselves so that they wouldn’t notice or resist the changes he was making in favor of his billionaire buddies and big corporations.

I refuse to allow Trump to make me into someone who hates my fellow Americans. Americans have always had disagreements but we have always come together afterwards. That is what I am hoping for all of us after Trump leaves office.

Please reconsider your position. Hatred will eventually destroy you. It is a vicious toxin that eats away at your mind and your emotions until you become an empty shell of a person.

Top Writer in Politics and Government. I always speak my mind.

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