Judge Tanya Chutkan Reminds Trump Again That He Is Not a King

She rejected his claim of presidential immunity from the election interference charges

Caren White
4 min readDec 2, 2023


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I absolutely adore Judge Tanya Chutkan. She doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to Trump. The rest of the world treats him with kid gloves because he’s a former president, but she treats him like the immature narcissistic bully that he is.

Every time he files a ridiculous claim of immunity because he used to be president, she reminds him that he is no longer president. That whatever protections he had while he was president, disappeared the moment Biden took the oath of office and became president.

The thing about Trump that Chutkan understands is that he is like a little kid who never learned to share or to take turns. You can’t give him anything and expect that he will give it back. Like the presidency. Or like all those classified documents that he stole … and that’s the correct word … because his aides were too terrified to take them away from him when the meetings ended. What were they afraid of? That he would have a tantrum?

Outside of the Oval Office, that’s known as bad parenting.

It’s the same thing as the immunity from prosecution that Trump enjoyed as president. He refuses to give it up. He doesn’t care that he is no longer president. Once immune, always immune in his childish little mind. And Chutkan loves reminding him that he is no longer president. He’s a grown-ass man who needs to learn life lessons that elementary school children have learned.

So, let’s take a closer look at Trump’s filing and her decision.

Trump’s team, obviously at his behest, tried to have the election interference charges in DC dropped because Trump has “absolute immunity” from criminal charges against any official actions he took while president. They claimed that allowing this prosecution to move forward would allow future political opponents to use the threat of criminal prosecution to interfere with a president’s responsibilities.

Kinda like the Republican House is using the threat of impeachment against Biden to bring him to heel. But I guess it’s okay when…



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