Texas AG Ken Paxton May be Impeached

His own party is turning against him

Caren White
3 min readMay 26


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It’s happenin’. Republicans are beginning to eat their own. And it’s happening in … you guessed it … Texas!

Say it with me — it’s always Texas.

Paxton, you may recall, was the AG who filed a Supreme Court case to overturn the results of the 2020 election in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. SCOTUS rejected the lawsuit, but Trump appreciated it and invited Paxton to speak at the January 6 Stop the Steal rally in DC.

You remember that rally, right? It was held right before a bunch of “tourists” peacefully entered the Capitol and people ended up dying. Now quite a few of those “tourists” are languishing in jail.

Paxton has been a busy guy. Basically, a one-person crime wave.

According to the New York Times, the Texas House of Representatives want to file 20 articles of impeachment against him, alleging

“taking bribes, disregarding his official duty, obstructing justice in a separate securities fraud case pending against him, making false statements on official documents and reports, and abusing the public trust.”

The securities fraud case has been pending since 2015. He was arrested and briefly jailed in connection with the case.

Paxton also wrongfully fired four whistleblowers in his own office. What were they whistleblowing about? They accused Paxton of “violating federal and/or state law, including prohibitions relating to improper influence, abuse of office, bribery and other potential criminal offenses.”

They sued for wrongful termination and won. Paxton was fined $3.3 million which he expected the taxpayers to pay.

That’s actually what got the attention of Texas lawmakers. The legislature would have had to approve payment of that $3.3 million. Curious, they looked into it and boy howdy, did they open a can of worms. Securities fraud, bribery by a wealthy donor, and those whistleblowers.

The Texas House of Representatives is made up of 150 members. Republicans hold a comfortable majority of 85 to 64 Democrats. So far, no Republican leaders are speaking up in support of…



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