Trump Has Become a Fascist Dictator

He didn’t even wait for the election to declare himself

Caren White
4 min readSep 24, 2020


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Yesterday, Trump announced that there would not be a peaceful transfer of power after the election but rather “a continuation” of power. So he is making clear that he has no intention of giving up power. And the votes have not even been cast, let alone counted.

I have been predicting for months that Trump would cheat to win the election and then become our first fascist dictator. I say “first” because he expects that his children will succeed him in office after he dies.

Now it appears that he is not even bothering to wait for the election. He has already become a fascist dictator.

Am I over-reacting? Judge for yourself. So far he has created concentration camps along the border that are currently holding illegal immigrants from Central and South America, but can easily start holding his enemies starting with the peaceful protesters that will charged with sedition per Barr’s orders. Right now, it’s just a suggestion but I’m certain that federal prosecutors will soon have no choice but to charge protesters with sedition.

We will be seeing those mysterious federal troops again in cities that dare to allow protests. In their unmarked uniforms scooping up protestors in unmarked vehicles except this time I don’t think that we will see the victims again. They will be whisked off to the concentration camps along the border.

New York City, Portland and Seattle have already been declared anarchist jurisdictions which will be denied federal funds that were allocated by Congress. But they are not the only cities to have been given this dubious honor. The Justice Department is working on a list of cities to be declared anarchist jurisdictions that will also be denied federal funds to force them to bow to Trump if they want their funding reinstated.

Trump has been threatening to shut down any media that is critical of him i.e. the so-called Fake Media. He wants to control the media. And our children. He is now calling for “patriotic” education in the schools. He promotes White Supremacy while shutting down anti-racism training programs in federal agencies calling them “divisive, anti-American…



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