Trump Will Choose a Woman to Replace RBG

I feel sorry for his nominee

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Trump has announced that he will name a woman to replace RBG. His nomination will be made public on Friday or Saturday to allow time for the nation to mourn the late jurist. His avowed intention for nominating a woman for that seat is to gain the support of women in the upcoming election.

I’m going to make a couple of assumptions here. The most important one is that I am going to assume that Trump will be re-elected.

The reality, of course, is that after all of the mail in ballots are counted, Biden will win the election. But Trump will lie, cheat and sue his way to winning the election. This has been his modus operandi for his entire career. It has worked for him in the past, so he will continue using it.

The other assumption I’m going to make is that Trump’s nominee will win confirmation in the Senate, most likely in a lame duck session after the election.

Trump has no respect for women. To him, women are just sex objects. Even his own daughter. He has been recorded saying that if she weren’t his daughter, he would date her.

There is a dress code at Trump’s company. Women have to wear dresses. They are not allowed to wear pants. The dress code has carried over to the White House. All the women working in the White House wear dresses. And not just any dresses. They are all very fitted dresses that show off their bodies. Because that is what Trump likes to see: women’s bodies.

And have you noticed his preference for blonde hair? Wives #1 and #2 were both blondes. Melania has lightened her brunette locks. And he wants women to have long hair. Ivanka cut her long blonde hair into a short bob so that she would look more professional. She immediately let her bob grow out. I’m sure that Daddy told her to because he prefers her hair long. She is very much a Daddy’s girl.

Nominating a woman to SCOTUS was certainly not his idea. This has McConnell’s fingerprints all over it. He is seeing the polls and like everyone else, thinks that Biden is going to win. Trump is losing the women’s vote. He has tried scaring them with threats of low income housing being built in their neighborhoods that will supposedly bring crime and drugs. But scare tactics are not working.

Nominating a woman to fill RBG’s seat could bring women voters back to Trump. Conservative women voters because whoever Trump’s choice is, she will have to pass the abortion litmus test.

I find it hilarious every time Trump talks about banning abortion. He used to be a Democrat. He used to be pro-choice. “Very pro-choice” in his words. So insisting that a judge be anti-abortion is just an expedience. Just pandering to his base.

Chief Justice John Roberts has claimed that there are no Trump judges and no Obama judges. SCOTUS is supposed to be impartial.

What do you suppose will happen if his new female justice makes a ruling that Trump doesn’t like? We all witnessed his horrifying treatment of Jeff Sessions when he recused himself from overseeing the Mueller investigation. Trump didn’t care that Sessions was doing the right thing, the legal thing. No, he tweeted about Sessions’ betrayal constantly eventually driving him to resign from office.

Imagine Trump’s fury if his new female SCOTUS judge rules against him. It will probably be worse because she is a woman. When Trump was running for office, he didn’t criticize fellow candidate Carly Fiorina on her record or her positions. He mocked her looks, specifically her face.

That is all that women are to Trump, just something pretty to look at. And if they are not conventionally pretty, then he mocks them. Is this how he would treat a woman that he nominated to the Supreme Court?

One of the women Trump is reportedly considering is the daughter of Cuban immigrants. Just as he claimed that a judge of Mexican heritage had a conflict of interest in the case before him involving Trump University, would he use a Latinx judge’s heritage against her if she ruled against him? Would she also suffer attacks on her looks?

Nominating a woman to fill RBG’s seat is just political expediency to help Trump gain re-election. I feel sorry for whoever he chooses. If she doesn’t rule the way he wants on his cases, he will ruthlessly mock her. He will express regret for nominating her. He will denigrate her looks and her heritage. He will demean her in every possible way because she is a woman.

She will rue the day that she accepted his nomination.

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