Yes, I know that it is difficult for outside nations to understand what is going on here. Mainly it has to do with the huge chasm between the ultra-rich and the rest of us. Americans are struggling just to survive. We have neither the time (thanks to working multiple jobs) nor the energy to pay much attention to what is going on in Washington. And now with the pandemic, people can’t afford food or rent because they are no longer working. We are in crisis.

The Second Amendment has to do with two things. The first was a reaction to colonial rule restricting the ownership of guns. Once we kicked you guys out, we wanted to be able to defend ourselves from Native American attacks and attacks from other European colonies.

The second reason for the Second Amendment was the lack of a standing army at the time that the Consitution was written. We depended on local militias for defense. Since there was no military budget at the time, giving people the “right” to bear arms meant that when called up, each member of the militia would have a gun and ammunition.

Since the above conditions no longer apply, the Second Amendment should be repealed. The NRA is blocking that.

The NRA (National Rifle Association) has twisted the meaning of the Second Amendment over the past few decades. As originally chartered, the NRA was a sportsmen’s club that encouraged gun safety, safe hunting and marksmanship. Thanks to the current leadership, that has been in office for decades, the NRA has changed from a responsible organization to one that encourages gun ownership for the purpose of self-defense in a society that has no need for self-defense because we have police and military. The NRA advocates for violence and civil disorder. Thanks to their deep pockets and an army of lobbyists in Washington, they have become a powerful and destructive force in our country.

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