Your arguments are very graceful, but I’m afraid that I have to respectfully disagree. What you call “character” is actually the normal ageing process. I am a senior citizen. Most of my friends are senior citizens. As we have aged, along with the visible physical decline, has come a less visible mental decline. We all experience it, we even joke about it. Those “senior moments” that young people joke about are very real for us. This is not ageism. It is biology. It is a fact of life.

Pelosi used to be an astute strategist. She hit her highpoint passing Obamacare. Since then, she has been in a steady mental decline as she has aged. Again, not ageism, biology. It was especially noticeable when she became Speaker. She has made poor decision after poor decision after poor decision. This is very typical of the elderly as they experience the normal mental decline that comes with ageing.

Personally, I want people running my government who are physically and mentally fit. And that means younger people.

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